About the Review

Created October 2014, the Revel Law Review is a blog providing commentary on international and constitutional legal events from the United Kingdom and around the world. It is not a legal review in the traditional sense – other than informal contributions from academic colleagues, it is not subject to peer-review as are formal legal journals.

Rather, the RLR is intended to act as a conduit between legal academics and members of the public who may not possess any formal legal qualification. At its core, RLR is an outreach effort to raise awareness and provide insight to individuals seeking to increase their comprehension of international and domestic affairs. As with any subjective matter, the content of this Review is the personal opinion of the author and is not the decisive statement on what is and what shall never be.

Disagreement and debate is encouraged. There is only one caveat: contrary positions and criticisms should be accompanied by evidence supporting the point. It is not enough to simply disagree – and that goes for you and for me.

Should you have a subject that you think may be of interest, or if you have a question about some aspect of constitutional or international law, please get in touch. I will endeavour to provide as clear and understandable a blog response as I can.

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